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Site Update - May 2012

Whilst using you may experience some minor periods of downtime and restricted access between the 31 May and 5 June 2012.

During this time we will be migrating the site to a new server, which has the potential to cause a short period of downtime. We will also be suspending the creation of new accounts, our web store, forums, and commenting system so that when we copy the database over it will be completely up to date, and therefore cause as little disruption as possible in the long term. - Five Years Old!

A few months ago we celebrated a huge landmark here at – five years since our first video was published on YouTube. Today we celebrate another important occasion – our name and website are five years old today.

Layer Styles in Photoshop Elements 9

Text, shapes and even layers can all look drab with no formatting. Thankfully Photoshop Elements provides us with pre-determined 'styles' to help make things look more inviting. These include drop shadows, outer glows and bevels amongst others, and can be really important in helping your artwork stand out from the rest.

Five Year Anniversary

Exactly five years ago today, January 8 2007, I uploaded my first ever video tutorial to YouTube. I remember sitting down at midday and recording a tutorial looking at how to create a bolt of lightning in Photoshop CS2, and then uploading it to an old YouTube account I already had going. It took me two takes to record the entire thing, a far cry from the hours of preparation, recording, editing and presenting that my videos take nowadays.

Happy Holidays 2011

Today is December 25th and if you’re like me you’ll be spending it unwrapping a few presents, enjoying a meal with the family, and relaxing around the bright lights of the Christmas tree. It’s a time to appreciate what I have, and reflect on the many good things that have happened over the year.

I'm Still Alive


It’s been a while since I’ve updated the blog so I figured I’d better make an appearance and let you what I’ve been up to.

Quick Selection Tool

The Quick Selection Tool creates a freeform selection outline around objects with similar colours and shades. In this example I'll use it to select Elvis Presley's Pink Cadillac leaving us with the option of changing pink to blue, or any other colour you fancy. The wonderful thing about this tool is its ease of use, the slightly annoying thing is its not always as quick as you'd imagine - especially if you're looking for quality results. Nonetheless its a great tool to have on your side, and will definitely come to your aid if you use the selection tools regularly.

Straighten & Crop a Photograph

It's common to shoot an image that isn't completely straight or has too many details that, well, you just don't need. In those circumstances a good understanding of how to straighten and crop a photograph will be the difference between living with it and doing something about it.

Touring the Full Edit Mode

The Guided and Quick edit modes are great if you're performing basic adjustments but if you want to take advantage of some of Elements more powerful features then you'll need to work inside of the Full Edit mode. In this tutorial we'll explore the screen layout and I'll familiarise you with some key concepts.

Sharing Via Email

Once you've organised and edited your photographs you may want to show them off to friends and family - after all, they're no good just sitting at the back of your hard drive gathering digital dust. In this video I'll show you how to set up contacts and send an image file out as an email.