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photoshop elements 11

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Blurring the Background of an Image in Photoshop Elements 11

It seems everyone 'gets' why we sharpen our images, but I often get asked why we might go the opposide way and blur them. It just seems strange, why would you take a perfectly good looking and sharp photograph and make it look less defined, less detailed. Well there's a couple of reasons as you might expect - one of which we'll discuss in this video. However, instead of just looking at 'why' we'll look at 'how' as we explore the 'Lens Blur' filter and all of its various setting and controls.

Transformation Tricks in Photoshop Elements 11

The transformation controls in Photoshop Elements allow us to distort and scale individual layers with a series of handles that appear on the transformation box whilst carrying out an operation. They give us the ability to scale, skew, distort and generally stretch the layer into a different perspective by either dragging on the aforementioned handles or entering a numerical value into the Options Panel that appears along with the function.

Introducing the Magnetic Lasso in Photoshop Elements 11

So far we've looked at ways to enhance photographs using any number of available colour adjustments, but what if we don’t want to affect the entire thing? What if we only want to adjust that red rose, or the right eye, or maybe even the sky? How are we going to do that? Well the answer lies in a selection outline - we use a selection tool to draw an outline around whatever it is we want selected, and then we apply the adjustment as normal.

Introducing Layers in Photoshop Elements 11

Once you understand the basics of Photoshop Elements 11, we'll begin looking at some of the more sophisticated and powerful features the software has to offer. One of those features is called Layers and allows us to create a file that incorporates all of the different aspects of that file on individual sheets of translucent, digital paper - or Layers as we call them in Photoshop. If that sounds complicated then watch the video, because it's really not!

Sharing Via Email in Photoshop Elements 11

Perhaps one of the most fun and rewarding parts of getting the image you want in Photoshop Elements is the ability to share it with friends and family. For this, Elements offers a number of options including Facebook, Flickr and YouTube. With all of that in mind, it may seem a little 'yesterday' using email to send your media, but never underestimate the simpleness, and quite often effectiveness, of setting up a mail and pressing 'send'. Here I'll show you how to fire off media attached to an email using either Microsoft Outlook or Adobe's very own email service.

Touring the 'Guided' Mode in Photoshop Elements 11

The 'Guided' mode is a great place to start if you're new to Photoshop Elements because it offers some interesting and common effects in a simplified, guided panel. We'll take a tour around the workspace and I'll familiarise you with the controls and options so you can get the most out of it. We'll then direct our attention towards a few specific effects, namely the 'Lomo Camera' effect, the 'Lighten & Darken' sliders, and we'll finish up by adding a vignette.

Organiser vs Editor in Photoshop Elements 11

Photoshop Elements can be divided into two key areas, the Organiser and the Editor. Both of these 'modes' contain many features that the home enthusiast will find useful, including a plethora of ways to identify and find media in the case of the former, and controls to modify and hopefully improve content in the latter. In this video tutorial we'll look at the main differences between the two.

Creating Stacks in Photoshop Elements 11

The whole point of the Organiser is to, well, keep your media organised - no matter how large or small your catalogue. Stacks are a big part of that organisation and can help to reduce the number of thumbnails you see on screen, particularly when you have a number of images that are similar. Often referred to as 'Adobe's Folders', I'll show you why that's the case and how to make the most out of them!

Changing the Date & Time of a Photo

Isn't it frustrating when you visit another time zone and forget to change the date and time on your camera - meaning that the time stamped into the metadata of the file is wrong. It's a common oversight, and one that was previously difficult to fix. However, times have changes, and Photoshop Elements 11 can now rewrite all of those dates and times in just one run of the command. In this tutorial I'll show you how it's done.

Creating a Catalogue

If you want the Organiser to manage your media collection in Photoshop Elements, one of the first jobs you're going to need to undertake is the creation of a new catalogue to put it all in. In this tutorial I'll show you how it's done, as well as pass along some tips as to how to switch between various catalogues, repair them if you suffer technical difficulties, and remove them from your computer if you ever decide you don't want them anymore.