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10 Free Applications That Make This Site Possible
Only this morning I was out walking when an elderly gentlemen stopped me and asked if I could direct him towards Long Melford. It being a town only 20 minutes from where I live, and one I regularly drive through while on my way to Portman Road (the home of my favourite football team) I immediately suggested he turn his car around, take a left at the mini-roundabout, follow the road for around 3 miles until he sees a signpost for Clare, take the left and keep going until he cruises down a big old hill and into the town of Long Melford.

Out with the old Blog Post

After nearly a year in the making, welcome, finally, to the new and improved 3photoshop website. If you’ve visited before, you should notice a considerable difference (and improvement) between the old site and the new. If it’s not apparent from the look and feel, then let me assure you, things behind the scene have not just been updated, but completely ripped out and rebuilt. Why would I do such a thing? For two (main) reasons! One, we now have a community instead of just a website, and two, it’s made it so much easier to update and maintain.