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13 Lost Tutorials

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A few weeks ago I stepped down from my position of moderator at to focus on other things including writing and recording more tutorials for this site. During my 27 months at I wrote 13 quick-fire tutorials for the Tutorials and Featured Tips section, some of them, I'm pleased to say, receiving over 5000 views. I thoroughly enjoyed my time as moderator, during which I learnt a lot about community management and doing the right thing from owner and administrator Patrick O'Keefe. Patrick's got a fine community of Photoshop users ranging from beginner to professional level, and I'd highly recommend it as a great place to learn new tricks, get help and show off your work.
Photoshop's Jigsaw Puzzle Filter
I've listed the tutorials I wrote below, along with a short description and link. I hope you find them helpful.
In this short tip I’m going to show you how to turn a regular photo into a jigsaw puzzle.
Here's a tip that may come in handy when working on small, precise parts of an image, when you find yourself zooming in and out more often than actually making modifications. There's a way in Photoshop to have the same image based in two separate windows - allowing you to leave one up at 100%, and have the other one zoomed as far in as you need.
If you ever need to save an action set as a written list of instructions then you'll want to know about this top secret little trick.
Having a large collection of fonts is great, but did you know it slows your operating system down? That's right, every time you load a new font into the font directory your operating system load-time slows down just a little bit more. By the time you've got hundreds, or even thousands of fonts available, you'll really start to notice the difference.
As you’d expect, there are many ways to create a sepia effect in Photoshop. You can blend colour overlays, delve into the channel mixer or play with curves, but I’m going to show you one of the easiest and fastest methods to create a full-on sepia tone to add to your photographs.
Here's a tip to gain maximum control when using the Magnetic Lasso tool.
The eyedropper tool in Photoshop allows you to 'lift' the colour values of any pixel inside an open document, but did you know it also permits you to select colours from anywhere on the computer screen? If you want to know how, read on.
When working with lots of layers it’s not unusual to want to see one layer at a time. Sometimes it’s impossible to work with or modify a layer’s contents accurately if other layers (either in the foreground or background) are getting in the way. Well here’s a trick to quickly switch between viewing all the layers in a composition, to just one, and then back again.
Adjustment layers are a flexible way to add non-destructive edits to an image. For example take a photo with which you want to amend the brightness, and add some contrast while you're there. It looks like a fairly routine edit so you decide to go with a Brightness/Contrast adjustment layer. Why make anything more complicated than it needs to be!
We've all read magazines and books that feature an 'ultimate' guide to Photoshop's many keyboard shortcuts, but did you know you can produce your own list, and include any custom shortcuts you've added using the Keyboard Shortcut command? Well not only is it possible but it's really easy and quick too. Read on to find out how you do it.
Changing the size and spacing (tracking) of text can become very frustrating when working with the mouse, so here's how to adjust things using the keyboard.
Here's a quick way to navigate through a series of open images from the keyboard.
You may have seen the Maximize Compatibility warning message appear when attempting to save a layered PSD file. To find out why and what it means, read on.
And there we have it. 13 previously unseen tutorials right here on now accounted for and part of my complete collection. Hope you enjoyed them.




I am 85 years old and stumbled onto your site which I think is the best and I enjoy the video tutorials very much. I just want to learn about Photoshop to while away at my retiring years. I thank you for your site.

85 Years Young!

Thanks very much, I'm glad you like the site and are finding the tutorials helpful. It's very inspirational to hear you're 85 years young and a Photoshopper!


Thanks Matt. The kind words mean a lot to me and I think very highly of you. You're a classy guy and I look forward to growing our friendship further.


Thanks Patrick

Thanks Patrick,

I look forward to that too, and I'm sure I'll be seeing you around!

All the best


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