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Coming Soon - A Beginner's Guide to Photoshop Elements 11

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We are pleased to announce that our next video series ‘A Beginner’s Guide to Photoshop Elements 11’ will be released in late December 2012. Work on the training title is currently underway.

The Incredible ElvisAs you may be aware, Photoshop Elements 11 was released a few months ago and with it we saw a brand new interface with a reworked structure, look and design. This has given us an opportunity to document not just how it differs from previous versions of the software but how to learn all about it if you’re a first time user.
To help you do that we’ve made some alterations to our previous video series that was recorded for users of Photoshop Elements 9, and focused on reorganising the chapters to make the content as relevant and valuable to the user experience as possible. The course is recorded into a crystal clear 1024x768 format for maximum screen coverage and all project files will accompany the course.
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The chapters are as follows:
  1. Introducing Photoshop Elements
  2. Introducing the Organiser
  3. Managing Media
  4. Introducing the ‘Quick’ Mode
  5. Introducing the ‘Guided’ Mode
  6. Creating & Sharing
  7. Introducing the ‘Expert’ Mode
  8. Basic Photo Edits
  9. Selections Explained
  10. Photo Manipulation
  11. Text & Shapes
  12. Effects & Filters
  13. Blurring & Sharpening
  14. Output & Optimisation
So here’s a summary in bullet points:
  • Available from late January 2013
  • Completely re-recorded for Photoshop Elements 11, 50% of projects are new.
  • High quality 1024 x 768 video
  • All project files used in the course will be available for download
  • Available at £14.99 (approx  €19 or $24)
  • Available via digital download or DVD
We’re happy to answer any questions so either leave a comment below or email us.



Beginners Guide to Elements 11 Update

Hi Matt, Is Elements 11 Beginners Guide Available Yet?  I signed up for an email alert, but have not seen anything yet?  Thanks.

Trial Version of Photoshop Elements

Certainly. Links to the fully functional trial versions can be found here:

Hope that helps



Elements 11 Training

Hi there,

Funny you should ask! It will be live tomorrow (Tues 5 Feb)

Hope that helps



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