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The Facebook 300

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Sometime over the last weekend we accumulated our 300th Facebook user who liked our official 3photoshop page, and I just wanted to thank all 300 people who have clicked the ‘like’ button and joined our community on Facebook. I really appreciate all of your support.
This came on what could have been our 18 month anniversary, almost to the day, and includes users from over 20 countries including the United States, Philippines, United Kingdom, Malaysia, Australia, Canada, Indonesia, Norway, Germany, Spain, Egypt, Finland, Lithuania, South Africa, India, Algeria, Serbia, Pakistan, United Arab Emirates and Albania.
I’m really proud to have such a diverse following and am really excited about what the future holds for the page. I’ve posted a screenshot from the ‘Insights’ section of Facebook below which gives me information based on the page. The graphic in question shows the age and gender of people who like us, and is only here just in case you ever wondered :o)
Facebook user details for
Seriously though, a massive thanks for your support, I really do appreciate it.



Nice Post...

Great blog! I appreciate the hard work every body is putting in to maintain the website and all the visitors to it, the webmasters are doing great job, thanks again to all the good people.


Thanks for your comment, we appreciate it.

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