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Quicktime Out - Flash In

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Over the last few weeks I've been busily compressing our entire quicktime video collection to flash. Even though there's no change to the size, the collection itself, or the way they play on the site, I figured for full disclosure of what the site is going through (aka a site blog), I'd keep you updated on the latest why's and how's. For the technical stuff, read on.

Historically I've always recorded my video tutorials and saved to an uncompressed format suited best to archiving at full quality meaning I'd have an ultra good looking video but a huge file, something you can afford to do when saving to disk. Once the editing is complete, I'd compress the high quality master to something more befitting of the web, a format that delivered good quality videos at low file sizes, and my choice has always been Quicktime (.mov). I don't suppose I've ever had a technical reason for using Quicktime, it's just one of the formats I tried when going through a number of options such as Windows Media, Flash, MPEG and others - I guess it's the one that produced the sharpest overall video at a competitive file size.

Recently though I've been experimenting with Flash Video(.flv), a popular, well respected and capable file format owned and maintained by Adobe Systems, the same company that produces Photoshop and the rest of the Creative Suite. According to Adobe, the Flash Player is installed on 99% of web-ready computers usually as a browser plug-in. If it's readily available on 99 out of 100 computers then it's going to be easier and less problematic for people to watch my videos. In addition, I'm really happy with the quality Vs file size conundrum and I seem to be getting the same level of results as Quicktime.

I've (where necessary) rewritten the help pages to reflect this change, so if you're having any problems with the player then check them out, hopefully you'll find the answer in no time at all. Alternatively you can leave a comment or question below, or send me an email using the contact form.


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