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Sharpening for Print in Photoshop Elements 10

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19 Feb 2013 - 15:08
Sharpening for Print

The sharpening filters in Photoshop Elements attempt to mimic the focus of a camera lens, creating the appearance of sharp and defined objects. Trouble is, nothing can successfully mimic the lens element of a camera when the photograph is taken, if the details aren't there when you took the shot, Elements can't just create them from nothing. Instead it uses a trick to deceive the viewer - and as it turns out, it's a very good trick. By increasing contrast between neighbouring pixels, these filters can and will do a great job - but best not to get lazy, it's no replacement for the real thing and often times just helps to perfect an already good-looking photo.

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Nice video on sharpening!

how does one download the picture of your dog if it is available from

Image now available for download

Hi there,

Thanks for the comment. I've now added the file to the 'Support Content' area of the page, so as long as you're logged in you should see it next to the description.

Hope that helps


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